Julia Recski (kletta) wrote in age_rage,
Julia Recski

a rant mixed with good news

“You’re grown up now, you can do what you want.”
This is from my father, who helps and helped me so much, and treats me as an equal, but didn’t treat me as an equal when I was a child. I didn’t even hear about anti-ageism till I was about 19. Now I know people who would have treated me as an equal when I was a child, but my parents are not among them.
And here’s the good news: it turns out I have the chance to be in anti-ageist communities as a child.
I’d known for a long time that my development is uneven (that’s one of the reasons for my userpic). Now I’ve learned exactly how uneven it is. My calendar age is 21, and intellectually, I’m indeed grown up. But my emotional age is around 14.
The psychiatrist who diagnosed this, too, believes I should be able to make my own decisions now. But she doesn’t believe the same about real children of every age (I'm not sure what she believes about real fourteen-year-olds).

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