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Ageism in IM

This is a bitchrant, although quite short. Feel free to skip over it. If you comment, please keep it positive. Venting and support is what I'm after right now.

Yet another dipshit in IM, who seemed nice when we met in an IRC channel:

Her: Age?
Me: Does it matter? :)
Her: yes, it does to me
Me: Why?
Her: I like to know who I'm talking to.
Me: I don't like to tell people my age, because it just leads to assumptions being made about me.
Her: So you're assuming that about me, then.
Me: I'd be astounded if you didn't ever make assumptions about anyone. Honestly I'd think you were a robot. ;) (Sometimes the people who piss me off the most are the "I never assume anything, I have no racist/ageist/sexist/etc. thoughts, I'm totally open-minded" folks, because you KNOW they're fooling themselves and won't listen to anything you say when you try to wake them up.)
Her: I don't talk to people under 18 online. It's inappropriate and I don't do it.
Me: I don't see how it could be inappropriate ... I'm really not interested in anything romantic or sexual. (People have sometimes asked me my age in the past and, when pressed for a reason, said that they wanted to know if they should pursue a relationship with me. They might've asked if I was INTERESTED in a relationship.)
Her: That wasn't what I wanted at all. Now you're assuming things about me.
Me: No, I'm not ... I'm just putting it out there in case that was what you wanted.
Her: I don't talk to people under 18 online. It's that simple.
Me: Are you afraid of going to jail?
Her: No, it has nothing to do with jail. It is inappropriate.

Then it's about ageism ... fuck you and goodbye.

She's a recovering Jehova's Witness and lives in Salt Lake City. I thought she was more recovered than she turned out to be, I suppose. I refused to tell her my age, as I always do; people want to know your age because they think it tells them something about you (when I ask them why it matters, they always say, "I like to know who I'm talking to"). Therefore, when you tell them your age, they make a bunch of assumptions about what that means. I'd rather have a real conversation and actually get to know each other.

And it weeds out some of the ageist arseholes, I suppose. But grrrrrrrrr.
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