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Age ain't nothin'

but a number

Ageism is dangerous
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Hey hey! These are your friendly moderators, kattlady and arebours.

This community was born out of the frusteration of constantly being put down for being young. We are pissed off. We are second-class citizens minors. This is your place to complain about age related discrimination that you face.

Some rules:
- This is a safe space. Rage and seek support, but do not violate anyone else's right to a safe space.
- Don't be off topic. Spamming ain't cool.
- Rages only. If you want to get something started, visit our sister community: ageinaction. It is being built currently.
- While you do not have to be a minor legally, and we accept everyone here, this is a community to focus on the discrimination that young people face, so it's your call if you want to join.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns; feel free to email us.
kattlady - mittensofdoom@hotmail.com
arebours - b@rhapsody.nu