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Age ain't nothin'

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

6:13PM - Almost forgot my quote

"They say teenagers of today just argue and pick up weapons when they want to solve problems. Well, the average 'gangsta' rapper is in his twenties, so what does that make them?"- Me

6:05PM - Sorry I'm Late

No replies in 2 years? Why couldn't I register here earlier? Anyway, I've written some rants in my journal.

Friday, August 25, 2006

9:01AM - From motivationquote

"Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth." --J. K. Rowling

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

10:52AM - Word.

A Kindersher saychel iz oychet a saychel. (A child's wisdom is also wisdom.) ~Yiddish Proverb

Saturday, July 15, 2006

2:04PM - My troubles and friends

Well i've been dealing with alot lately...from works shit,moving(its not guaranteed though)...my mother has been causing hell for me the last 5 years of my life..I mean its not like she beats me, or says she hates me on a regular basis..she just doesn't understand my life style...and i need to be somewhere , where thats embraced..instead of shot down..and the work problem ..Oh My God.. i hate this guy i work with he test me all the time he acts like his better then me, and i HATE that shit..he thinks because he is a man he's the shit and his not!..i am more man then he well ever be.. and i told that fucker that..and then i broke down at work b/c i broke the glass table..so alot has happen in the past 2 weeks.....but other than that i had an awesome week with my dad. Alot of truth came out with my dad this weekend..that makes me admire him more then i ever did..and then my 2 best friends in the whole world came over to my dads house Wensday ..We went to go see Pirates of the Carribean(which was so HOT with Keria Knightley), then we went to go eat at Chick-fil-a..and then they came back to my house and sat in the hot tub...we just chilled..i'm so glad they came..i didn't except them to drive all that way...Savannah and Mattye make my life worth living ....i love them both very much..i can talk to them about anything..every boy needs friends like them ..thank you i'm done with my bitching
Jordan Cameron Chris

*I miss my Harper*

some advice maybe to deal with my shit better

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Friday, June 30, 2006

4:05PM - Portland Youth Alliance!

We're creating a Portland Youth Alliance in Portland, Oregon, and we thought we'd share with you all. Feedback and criticism is super duper welcome!


The name more or less explains it all. The Portland Youth Alliance (tentative name!) will be a union-style organization that works to gain young people more power in school and community decisions. We want the Alliance to be the beginning of a youth empowerment movement in Portland. We believe young people have the right to influence the direction of their schools and community, and through the power-in-numbers of the Alliance, we'll make sure that right is recognized and respected.

We're taking a page from the Philadelphia Student Union. Check them out, and imagine the possibilities for Portland...

Our first planning meeting is next Monday -- EVERYONE'S WELCOME!

Monday, July 3, 2006
11:00 am -- 12:30 pm
Common Grounds Coffee House (just west of SE Hawthorne/44th)
Bus 14 stops right in front, and lines 15 and 75 stop within a few blocks. Check out Trimet for more info!

As always, you can contact us at:
[phone] 971-222-4153
[email] intercomproject@gmail.com
[myspace] myspace.com/intercomproject

The Alliance is a project of the Intercom Project. Intercom is interested in cultivating a long-term youth empowerment movement in Portland, and this Alliance is just the first (HUGE) step.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

10:42PM - New York City rage!

Wow. I have HAD IT with the new laws being passed here to criminalize youth. It's now illegal for anyone under 21 to buy or possess spraypaint for any reason. Art project? Too bad. Wouldn't want a young person to positively express themself, now, would we?

And now with the metal detectors. Any public high school student can now be expected to be randomly metal detectored at any time now. Right to privacy? Right to security of person? Hah! Especially because all they appear to have confiscated is cell phones--way to promote "school safety" while interrupting classes and un-teaching any lessons about the Bill of Rights.

And I can't even go to my friend's (public high school) play, because everyone under 21 must be accompanied by an adult. I'm going anyway, looking forward to conversing with anyone who might wish to stop me.

But there is good news!

A youth conference in NYCCollapse )

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

8:53AM - Hello and...

I might as well break down and cry. It's like I've been looking for this community all my life.

Try... kindergarten, when I decide that "children" is a dirty word because the way the teachers always use it to address their involuntary subordinates.

Or age 13 when I'm trying to have serious debates with adults since I'm *bored out of my skull* with popularity-seeking peers.

Heck, I even joined a "child rights" group that ended up being about --surprise!-- grandparents wanting better access to custody (aka ownership) of their grandkids. Screw that.

Well, I'm 21 now and I haven't forgotten. Personally, I think that this group, and the movement it could potentially represent, might be far stronger if partnered with the *other* end of ageism, that-- while of course different-- has a lot to learn and offer us.

And btw, "you're just a kid" doesn't end when you hit the age of majority. gr.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


If I am minor, fourteen to seventeen years in age, I can, and in many cases, must be tried as an adult for crimes like, but not limited to, murder or manslaughter, most sexual crimes, grand theft, and gang-related activity.

Between 1992 and 1995, forty American states relaxed the requirements for transferring an accused under the maximum age of jurisdiction into criminal court.

If I am a minor, I can hold a job and pay taxes to state and federal governments just like any other citizen.

Teens pay an estimated $9.7 Billion dollars in sales taxes alone. They also pay millions more in income tax.

If I am a minor, I am expected to obey all laws, just like any other citizen.

"If 16-year-olds are old enough to drink the water polluted by the industries that you regulate, if 16-year-olds are old enough to breathe the air ruined by garbage burners that government built, if 16-year-olds are old enough to walk on the streets made unsafe by terrible drugs and crime policies, if 16-year-olds are old enough to live in poverty in the richest country in the world, if 16-year-olds are old enough to get sick in a country with the worst public health-care programs in the world, and if 16-year-olds are old enough to attend school districts that you underfund, then 16-year-olds are old enough to play a part in making them better."

If I am a minor, I will see laws passed that only affect me, and other minors like me, unlike any other citizen.

As of 2005, 30 states have either parental notification or permission laws in place for minors seeking out abortions.

If I am a minor, I will encounter ageist remarks about my ability to think and act like any other citizen. I will be told that I cannot act like every other citizen because I am too stupid/ignorant/dependent/inexperienced/apathetic. Those are not traits distinct to minors. They can be seen in any other citizen.

In the 2000 presidential election, the total voter turnout rate was at an estimated 55.3%. That’s about half of the American public over the age of eighteen. About half of those with the right to vote did not do so, out of stupidity, ignorance, dependency, inexperience, apathy, or any other reason.

We do not take away the right to vote when someone becomes too senile to vote, nor to we forbid drug addicts, neurotics, psychotics, or many of the citizens living in hospitals for mental illness from voting. Lack of education about election issues is not a basis to revoke that right, nor is literacy or a high school education.

Intelligence or maturity is not determined directly from a person’s age.
And even so, intelligence or maturity is not the basis upon which the right to vote is granted.

Everyone deserves the right to vote.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

7:04PM - a rant mixed with good news

“You’re grown up now, you can do what you want.”
This is from my father, who helps and helped me so much, and treats me as an equal, but didn’t treat me as an equal when I was a child. I didn’t even hear about anti-ageism till I was about 19. Now I know people who would have treated me as an equal when I was a child, but my parents are not among them.
And here’s the good news: it turns out I have the chance to be in anti-ageist communities as a child.
I’d known for a long time that my development is uneven (that’s one of the reasons for my userpic). Now I’ve learned exactly how uneven it is. My calendar age is 21, and intellectually, I’m indeed grown up. But my emotional age is around 14.
The psychiatrist who diagnosed this, too, believes I should be able to make my own decisions now. But she doesn’t believe the same about real children of every age (I'm not sure what she believes about real fourteen-year-olds).

(crossposted to age_rage and fuck_ageism)

Sunday, July 3, 2005

9:21PM - Ageism in IM

This is a bitchrant, although quite short. Feel free to skip over it. If you comment, please keep it positive. Venting and support is what I'm after right now.
Read more...Collapse )

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Monday, June 20, 2005

7:36PM - ageism hurts a lifetime long

I love this community, and I love the concept of two such sister communities. A fairytale come to life. The fairytale being Howard Fast’s novel Spartacus, which I haven’t yet read, and I don’t like all of what I’ve read, including the homophobic parts—but I love this quote from Spartacus’ wife Varinia:

"And always, we were equal. When his best friend, Crixus, died, he put his head in my lap and cried and whimpered like a little boy. And when my first baby came still born in six months, I cried the same way, and he took care of me."

That’s the life: crying in each others’ arms like children (since we’re anti-ageist anyway), while actively fighting for equality.

My userpics are of the girlfriend of a different Spartakus. ;-) I should use the grateful/glad pic now, like I used it when I didn’t even have this much reason—but this is one of those communities where I can vent and say what I want, and so I use this pic. This, too, is a way of celebration.

Well, I’m over 18, I’m even 21, which is, AFAIK, the other age of majority in the USA. But please correct me if I’m wrong, I’m no expert. And I’m Hungarian anyway.

But time is no cure for ageism...Collapse )

But anyway, please tell me how I could help you.

Monday, June 13, 2005


I'm tired of hearing comments in other oppression communities focused on equality about like, "What are you thirteen?"
That kind of degradation is not ok with me, ever.

I've found that if I'm talking about other kinds of opression, most people are respectful to some degree. When I talk about ageism, it is a joke.

I want to vote. I deserve to vote, and I'm sure as hell not being represented by the curren administration on any level. I know people that are 16 that are so smart, and I know people that are 16 that I fear will not live through the day because a episode of lethal toothbrushing. I know the same kinds of people that are 60. It does not matter. It is discrimination. It is taxation without representation.

Also, there's going to be an initiative about second class citizens needing parental notification before an abortion here in California. It's complete bullshit. MY BODY IS ALL THAT I OWN. IT IS NOT MY MOTHER'S BODY. IT IS NOT MY FATHER'S BODY. LEAVE ME ALONE OR LET ME VOTE ABOUT IT.


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